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After a bad experience with a local, San Diego law firm, we literally interviewed 25 other law firms/attorneys as we were scared to repeat the same mistake we made the first time. Met with Dan and Sean Foldenauer, they were the only law firm out of all 25 that pointed out the legal mistakes made by our former law firm, and the overall weakness in our case that needed to be addressed. This was during a “free consult”.

I was blown away as no other attorney would hand that over, and the other firms were vanilla with what their approach would be on our case. What was even more disturbing we found out during out initial interview of Foldenauer Law was our company wasn’t represented as I was sued personally as well as my business. The prior firm failed to respond on representation for my company. No other lawyer/firm told us this! The lawsuits we were involved with, were emotionally charged for us, and very scary.

What was comforting was that Dan and Sean always took my calls, always called back with updates. They worked really hard to turn around the former mistakes made by the other firm, and put together a strong strategy moving forward. They never missed a deadline and always were on top of everything! This has to be the only firm I’ve worked with that truly is into law as a love of practicing law, vs. charging gigantic retainers, etc. They are real people, who I highly regard and can call my “friends” as they kept their cool and helped hold me up during one of the most difficult points in my life.

For that, I am eternally grateful and not only recommend them, but you would be doing a disservice to yourself to not have them as your legal team. Even the numerous external people, such as court reporters, told me in private, they are the best legal team in San Diego! That says a tremendous amount! Thank you Foldenauer Law (Dan, Sean & Tyler) for all the work you did.

Julie W.

Former Client


I began working with Mr. Foldenauer and his associates about seven months ago. I immediately felt comfortable in Sean’s presence and confidence in his practice. He is extremely dedicated to his clients and knowledgeable in his area of expertise. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and I feel grateful for the time Sean and his staff invested on my behalf. Sean consistently gave me options and had me make all pivotal decisions on my case. He was always available to consult with me throughout the entire process. I would absolutely recommend Sean to anyone seeking assistance on civil matters.

Lauren W.

Former Client

Very impressed with the team at Foldenauer Law Group. Sean and Tyler took very good care of us. Professional, fair and competent.  We recommend them highly!

Former Client


Mr. Foldenauer and his staff were very good with my case. They were well prepared, very educated on the case at hand, kept me very informed, and best of all, we had a very good result at the end so I would highly recommend Foldenauer law group to anybody that wants extremely satisfying results.

Michael K.

Former Client


Tyler helped me with a complex legal issue and I was extremely impressed by the services that he performed. Very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and responsive. I “HIGHLY” recommend him as an attorney.

Whitney E.

Former Client


I came to Foldenauer Law Group with a personal injury matter. Tyler helped negotiate an exceptional settlement with the insurance carrier. I was extremely impressed with Tyler’s attention to detail. He also kept me informed of every development in my case throughout the entire process. He also explained the entire claim and litigation strategy prior to taking my case. I highly recommend this attorney to anyone in need of a highly skilled injury lawyer!

Joseph C.

Former Client


I was introduced to Sean Foldenauer about 10 years ago and when I needed an attorney for my company issues, I retained Sean. It was the best thing I ever did to protect me and my company. 
Since I’ve known Sean, I have been confident knowing that if any legal issues would arise, there was no need to be stressed and worried. It has also been a comfort knowing that at any time, I could give him a call for his advice before making the wrong decision.

Sean isn’t the typical attorney who takes notes, tells you how good he is and what he would do… only to forget the details later on… Sean listens to you, takes your information and utilizes it to give you the best defense needed. He has also been there for me for personal legal issues and has always done an excellent job protecting my interest. 

If you are looking for an honest, hardworking professional attorney with great results, Sean Foldenauer is that attorney. Thank you Sean and your associates too.

Tom M

Former Client


Thank you Sean and Tyler for doing such an outstanding job on my car accident case. 

From when I first called, till the time of the settlement…Tyler and Sean were very communicative…explaining just what to expect along the way and helping me to get the best in medical care for my injuries. In addition, they did an amazing job working with the other insurance company and I got a settlement in my case much faster than I thought possible.

Further, my portion of the settlement was more than fair. I know I could not have done this on my own. One, I was too hurt to try and work out for myself. And two, their knowledge and experience were invaluable; it really came out in the ways they conducted the process and then reached such a quick and fair settlement.

So again, if you would like to be represented by a group that is smart, courteous, communicative and helpful…then I would give my highest recommendation to making use of the Foldenauer Law Group. 

I would not hesitate to make use of their services again…though would much prefer that it did not require me being in another auto accident.

Michael N.

Former Client


They are known for being tough and getting results. Sean Foldenauer and Tyler Campbell got me a great settlement without having to go to court. They are extremely detail oriented. Then they make a demand package for the insurance co. and negotiate until they have a top offer. The thing is that if the insurance co. is not being fair in negotiating a settlement, these attorneys will not hesitate to file a lawsuit and take the case to a jury trial. I also noticed that they were very good at explaining the entire process and keeping me in the loop. I highly recommend these attorneys to anyone in need of legal services!

Cali K.

Former Client


Sean Foldenauer has been my attorney for the past 2 years in an ongoing legal battle to recover an unpaid debt. My case started in the criminal courts, where I was the victim of a domestic violence assault and battery incident.

The perpetrator ended up doing some jail time and work furlough, however that did not resolve an unpaid loan that he had borrowed from me prior to the attack. Obviously it was terrifying for me to have anything to do with this man ever again, but until the loan was repaid I didn’t feel as though justice had fully been served.

That’s when I hired Mr. Foldenauer to handle the civil lawsuit against him. He came highly recommended by a friend who is a defense attorney. Since establishing the civil lawsuit, Mr. Foldenauer has become my guardian angel, protector, and tireless defender through this ongoing legal process. He has kept me well-informed, feeling safe, confident, and at ease through every step along the way.

His passion for justice is his driving force and although the battle is not yet over against the defendant in my case, I have complete confidence that we will achieve full justice in time. I am very grateful for the countless hours that Mr. Foldenauer has spent strategizing on my case, and all of Foldenauer Law Group staff’s continued support and assistance as well.

Everyone has been very kind and attentive to my needs. I am completely happy with my choice in civil attorneys and I have referred Mr. Foldenauer to a handful of friends already, to handle various civil proceedings.

Former Client


The Foldenauer Law Group helped me through a difficult situation where someone was threatening to sue me. Sean and his team got out in front of the situation right away and immediately started negotiating with the other party. Behind the scenes they were working on some of the most innovative tactics I’ve ever heard of if negotiations failed. Some of the ideas they came up with were mind-blowing. Ultimately, it was resolved in short order thanks to the Foldenauer Law Group’s skill but I could not be more impressed with the knowledge and tenacity of Sean and his team. Truly an excellent experience in a difficult time.


Former Client


Tyler impressed me very much. My claim was handled in the most professional manner and he kept me up to date with every step of the process. I felt informed and well represented. Not only was his firm, Foldenauer Law Group, pristine and kept, but their staff was incredibly welcoming and wonderful.

I highly recommend working with Tyler and Foldenauer Law Group. Best experience & best results.

Cali C.

Former Client


Mr. Campbell helped me with a very difficult legal matter that I did not know how to handle. I shopped a few “referred” firms across San Diego but was not impressed. It was nice to have Confident professional representation on your side, that you weren’t having to track down and squeeze details out of. He’s direct, On point and determined to take care of his clients. I strongly recommend Mr. Campbell.


Former Client

Tyler is both a tenacious litigator and a very personable gentleman. His attention to detail, coupled with his persuasive demeanor, serve his clients well and aid them in securing the best outcome possible.

Kevin M.

Licensing Attorney


I had the pleasure of working with Tyler on my case over the course of seven months. Tyler was extremely professional and respectful. He went above and beyond what I expected from him in terms of research and additional efforts on my behalf. He worked diligently on my case and kept me updated and involved throughout the entire process. I felt fully informed at all times. All offers made on my case were brought to my attention and Tyler consulted with me before making every move. I would HIGHLY recommend Tyler to my family, friends, and colleagues.

Lauren W.

Former Client


I had the pleasure of working with Tyler on my case over 11 months. He was extremely professional and respectful. He did everything possible and more of what I expected from him in terms of preparation of my case and was always willing to help me understand all the facts about my case and what I needed to know about the love. He worked efficiently and dedicatedly and kept me constantly informed to every detail. Also, he kept me involved in everything possible during the preparation of the file. Tyler consulted with me in every move he did and made recommendations and suggestion that I always considered valid and honest. I would recommend Tyler without any hesitation to my friends and colleagues.

Ramon S.

Former Client

Sean and his firm are on the top of my referral list if I or any of my associates encounter any type of a conflict. Many times, because we are involved in transactional work as well as litigation, a matter where we have negotiated the agreements etc. will have a dispute arising therefrom. Having also partnered with Sean, I know he has the ‘bull dog tenacity’ that it takes to prevail in all different forms of litigation.

I have brought him into the fold on several multimillion dollar disputes either as a co-partner on the case and or as a conflict referral because we were counsel for one side or the other in the underlying transaction. Further, while there are other attorneys in San Diego who no doubt have many of these same characteristics I know that I can trust Sean to not bury my referral in extraordinary fees and costs, and this is something that many attorneys simply don’t keep under control. He has my highest recommendation.

Steven W.

Business Attorney

I have known Sean since we went to law school together over 17 years ago and have followed his career over the years. He is tenacious, passionate, and perhaps one of the most eloquent advocates I have seen in a courtroom setting. I had the pleasure of working with him recently on a complex business matter that culminated in a 3 week jury trial. We won with a 12-0 verdict on every count. Sean is a credit to our profession and I am happy to endorse him.

Jill R.

Senior Litigation and Trial Attorney

I highly recommend Mr. Foldenauer for any litigation issues. He has been a highly respected and authoritative attorney for many years. His experience in complex litigation is invaluable for his clients. He is also one of the best DUI attorneys in San Diego. He is a member of the National College of DUI defense and has helped countless clients successfully defend their DUI Cases. I highly recommend this lawyer for ANY type of litigation case.

Matthew S.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Sean is a trusted friend and colleague. He is well respected in the San Diego and Los Angeles legal communities. Sean is known as a trial lawyer and is well accomplished in and outside of the courtroom. I highly recommend Sean for your legal disputes. His experiences in legally and non-legally related businesses provide for great advice and perspective. Sean’s staff and associate attorneys are well trained and rising stars. I would not hesitate to hire the Foldenauer Firm today.

Jeremy E.

Sports and Entertainment Lawyer

Sean is a tireless advocate for his clients. He and his firm do things the right way to maximize results and keep the costs down. There is not a more effective or talented firm in all of San Diego. They know their stuff and they get the job done. The Foldenauer Law Firm is where I refer anyone in need of the best.

Christopher S.

DUI Attorney

Mr. Campbell is an experienced and effective litigator who utilizes his creative legal acumen to identify and provide strategic solutions to the wide variety of issues affecting his clients. I highly recommend him!

Christina O.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Tyler is a lawyer that possesses all the skills necessary to compassionately, ethically and skillfully practice law. Since I have known him, he has conducted himself with integrity, demonstrated enormous dedication to his profession and exhibited a unique combination of personality and talent that so many lawyers lack but wish they had. I fully endorse this lawyer.

Christopher P.

Business Litigation Attorney

Mr. Campbell is a highly professional and knowledgeable attorney. His eye for detail and excellent written and oral advocacy skills are further elevated with his charisma. I highly endorse this lawyer.

Sameera S.

Immigration Attorney


My experience working with Tyler Campbell for legal assistance was nothing short of excellent. By taking the time to listen thoroughly to my requests, while at the same time utilizing his vast legal expertise and resources, Tyler was able to successfully direct me towards the correct path of action.

His personality is one of genuine passion for understanding others and helping to his maximum capability and it was displayed clearly throughout my entire experience in working with him.

Cecilia B.

Former Client

Sean Foldenauer is an excellent trial attorney whose expertise with complex business disputes and tort claims yields extraordinary results. For those matters incapable of settlement and involving “bet the company” levels of exposure, Foldenauer has the wisdom and courtroom skills to be trusted to present the best possible case for his clients.

Sean G.

Litigation and Trial Attorney

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Mr. Sean Foldenauer in a highly-contested business litigation case filed in United States District Court. Mr. Foldenauer is the co-lead trial attorney on the case and has shown himself to be an excellent strategist and problem solver. He is sharp and articulate. He can explain very complex legal issues in plain language to make the client fully understand. His approach for taking time to explain to the client the status of the case and the law and provide advice on the best path forward is of tremendous value to clients. I highly endorse this attorney.

Wenzhao W.

Immigration Attorney

Experience, dedication, and professionalism is what you’ll get if you hire Tyler. Whether you have a minor or major case, Tyler will fight aggressively for you every step of the way. Tyler is one for the most diligent, thorough, and friendliest personal injury lawyers that I know within the San Diego legal community. I strongly recommend attorney Tyler Campbell.

Nikki T.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Tyler is a dedicated, highly effective advocate with a legal intellect that is recognized and respected by his peers. His results speak for themselves and is the primary reason I would recommend his legal services to anyone in need of a business based litigation attorney.

Pablo F.

Personal Injury Attorney

Tyler is an excellent lawyer and an amazing person to know. He is resourceful, intelligent, and always works as hard as it takes, and more, to get results. His work ethic is second to none and he is always professional. I fully endorse this lawyer.

Mark C.

Business Attorney

I have known Tyler in the San Diego Legal community for several years. He is an attorney of high integrity and great commitment to his work and clients. I highly recommend Tyler for his professionalism and legal skill.

George G.

Criminal Defense Attorney


If you are in need of a top-rated trial attorney, please contact us today at (619) 564-8877 to schedule a free in-person consultation. We will listen to all of your questions and concerns, and we will assist you in developing a winning case strategy. We also welcome case referrals and inquiries for co-counsel, local counsel, and consulting from other law firms in California and nationwide.

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