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Foldenauer Law Group, APLC’s team of litigators have brought and defended cases involving the purchase and sale of businesses. As wonderful and important as the buying and selling of a business can be, many such transactions go wrong and end up in litigation. There are numerous reasons this can happen, often one party breaches the purchase and sale agreement by failing to pay the purchase price or quickly opening a competing business in violation of a non-compete clause. Other times something more malicious occurs, such as the misrepresentation or non-disclosure of a material fact about the business, or manipulation of the business’s finances through fraud, “cooked books” with fake customers, overstated sales, or altered expenses. We understand the need to resolve these disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We believe our experience with litigation and trial becomes a major advantage to our clients in bringing cases to an early resolution through negotiation and mediation. But, if your dispute cannot be solved informally, our attorneys have great experience trying the cases before judges and juries.

Foldenauer Law Group, APLC handles a variety of business purchase and sale related issues, including:

Breach of Purchase and Sale Agreements

Non-Disclosure, Misrepresentation, Concealment, Fraud


Unfair Competition by Violation of Non-Compete Agreements

Buyer’s Remorse (when a buyer is unable to competently run the business and wrongfully sues the seller)

Anti-Solicitation Agreements

Everything Matters

Foldenauer Law Group has prosecuted many business disputes for our clients resulting in settlements and awards of millions of dollars. We have defended business owners and obtained “zero dollar” and “nuisance value” settlements. We have litigated cases resulting in early case dismissals and through jury or bench trial resulting in defense verdicts. We have built our success on nearly 30 years of combined experience and have a proven track-record.  It’s no accident. We work exceptionally hard to obtain extraordinary results for our clients.

We are selective. We limit the number of cases we accept at any given time to ensure that our clients’ cases receive the extra time and effort needed to achieve extraordinary results.

To us – everything matters.


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