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San Diego Theme Park Injury Attorney

Millions of Americans visit theme parks each year expecting an exciting and entertaining experience. Unfortunately, a significant number of these visits invariably ends in severe injury and sometimes loss of life. In fact, whiplash injuries, broken bones, paralysis, brain injuries, and death have all been linked to theme park rides and attractions.

For example, data collected by The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission illustrates the following:

• Approximately 8,800 injuries occur on theme park rides requiring emergency room admission annually. Of that number, approximately 4,000 are from permanently affixed rides at theme parks and 2,800 are associated with mobile rides, similar to those found at fairs.

• Related research shows that inflatable theme park attractions, like bounce houses, account for approximately 3,600 injuries annually. Also notable, waterslides at public parks account for upwards of 3,000 injuries and go-kart use results in approximately 15,500 serious injuries.

In all personal injury cases involving accidents or injuries that occur at theme parks, it is imperative that the appropriate treatment is immediately sought. In addition, a skilled, competent personal injury attorney should be consulted to ensure all evidence is preserved and the appropriate measures are taken to protect the interests of the injured party.


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