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I’m writing this testimonial in recognition of the remarkable service provided to me by the Foldenauer Law Group. After a challenging car accident, which resulted in a significant whiplash injury, they represented me with the utmost professionalism and diligence. Having been referred to them by a trusted friend, I can now testify to their exceptional skills and dedication. They truly lived up to the high standards that were promised, and they certainly did not disappoint. From the moment I reached out to them, the level of communication and transparency was unparalleled. Sean and his team were not just efficient; they were considerate, treating me not as a mere case number, but as a person going through a difficult time. They were incredibly knowledgeable and adept at navigating the complexities of my case, ensuring that I was informed and comfortable with every step in the process. One of the most comforting aspects of their service was their responsiveness. They were always willing to take my calls, answer my messages, and provide updates on the progress of my case. Their prompt actions and consistent follow-ups allowed for the smooth progression and quick resolution of my case. Sean and his team went above and beyond in their efforts to secure a favorable settlement for me. Their hard work, negotiation skills, and strategic approach resulted in a settlement that exceeded my expectations. They also handled my medical lien negotiations, a testament to their comprehensive service. It is rare to find a law firm that combines such a high level of expertise with such a palpable sense of empathy. The Foldenauer Law Group’s commitment to their clients’ welfare is truly commendable, and their work ethic is nothing short of inspirational. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend the Foldenauer Law Group to anyone in need of reliable and top-notch legal representation. The integrity, hard work, and dedication they exhibit are truly remarkable. I am pleased to award them a well-deserved 5-star rating. Their service not only eased the burden of a challenging situation but also reaffirmed my faith in the power of thorough, compassionate legal representation.

Frank Camacho (The Crank)

Foldenauer Law Group is an amazing group of talented attorneys. Sean and Dan will go above and beyond for you and will make sure justice is obtained. Because Foldenauer Law Group is a boutique firm, the attorneys are more accessible and will speak with you directly to answer any of your concerns. I highly recommend this firm, as well as Sean and Dan to handle your litigation needs!

K. P.

Ozzy’s plumbing & drains service, inc wants to take this opportunity to thank Sean Foldenauer Law Group for handling our case with precise counsel. Sean has been informative, competent, and responsive. Going through the process can be stressful and details are critical. But having someone like sean to trust and guide us through, makes all the difference. Hes been extremely helpful and gets the job done. In fact, he goes above and beyond our expectations. He is very clear in his explanations and patient. He is always organized for our meetings and is quite the professional. we recommend Sean Foldenauer Law group to anyone.

Trully grateful,
Ozzy from Ozzy’s Plumbing & drains service, inc

Oswald A.

Sean is the BEST Lawyer–compared to other lawyers. He is extremely professional,  kind, intelligent,  honest and works hard for his clients. To Sean, a client’s legal best interest is what he focuses on.

Harley W.

I had a great experience with Foldenauer Law Group. I particularly liked how straightforward they were and how hard they worked to ensure that they had provided me with the information I was looking for, and that I understood things to my satisfaction.

John M.

Very professional and friendly staff. He explained the entire process to me and the case was taken care of as soon as possible. I highly recommend this firm for everyone who is in need of their services. Thank you

Jordan B.

Our firm co-counseled a trial with Sean Foldenauer.  Sean and his firm were wonderful to work with.  They were organized, extremely professional and responsive.  We obtained an extremely favorable verdict for the client who was very happy.  I would highly recommend working with Sean any time.

Lisa C.

I just wanted to thank Foldenauer law group for getting my case dismissed. I had faith in Sean and his steam the whole time. Sean was referred to me by another good attorney. I knew he was the man for the job the very first time we spoke! Sean didn’t Let me down! I greatly appreciate the way he also treated me like I was family, not just a number. He truly cares! I highly recommend Foldenauer law!!

Steven M.

 Very impressed with the team at Foldenauer Law Group.  Sean and Tyler took very good care of us.  Professional, fair and competent.  We recommend them highly!

Katherine K.

Incredible team at Foldenauer Law Group! My husband and I couldn’t have been more impressed and amazed by the efficiency, experience, and know how that was executed.  And not only that, Sean, the attorney that represented us, showed true compassion and heart, we didn’t feel like just any person, we were treated with honesty and care.  He let us know how it is and got things done fast!  If we could give more than 5 stars for above and beyond, we would!  We highly recommend them!!

Kendra B.

Foldenauer Law Group is such a great law firm. The service is impeccable! I needed some help with my business and it was done swiftly without any problems . Best law firm in San Diego imo. I definitely will be coming back!

Jennifer B.

 The Foldenauer Law Group is the right choice if you are reading through Yelp right now for a lawyer -STOP- here- because you have found an attorney that will get the job done. Sean Foldenauer and associate attorney, Dan Schwender are accessible, answer the phone and follow through with their commitments.  Trust, you want to hire this team to represent you, as I did.
A legal matter that the Foldenauer group represented me on finalized with a great result and it was a case that was very trying indeed.  Usually, when the ‘other side’ is the party at fault they will use egregious tactics, as what was happening in my case. The pressure was difficult to deal with, but it was no deterrent for Sean and Dan.
Another reason to work with this well seasoned team is that you will learn a lot.  Can you imagine being in a difficult lawsuit but realizing how much you appreciate knowing someone so talented [their team] that you could actually put the stress and anxiety aside?
Dan is so dedicated to his work and has a cool temperament even in moments when I couldn’t keep my cool. You will always get your questions answered and you can trust that the paperwork will be completed with depth and accuracy.
Sean Foldenauer, while being extremely personable and professional will always pull out the case law and the smarts to win for you.  He has the skills I would describe as a legal detective.  He knows how to read the opposing side, personality traits, and understands what action to take when certain tactics are being used by opposing council. Next he will defeat your “opponent” with a legal buzz saw.
I will continue to recommend friends and associates seeking a strong lawyer; searching for legal council they will feel will fight for them.  I hope to not need representation again, but if in the future I need a great lawyer, I would retain Sean Foldenauer again.

Jaz A S.

I suffered a personal injury due to a dog attack that required serious medical attention, stitches on finger and back surgery. I was up against an insurance company that wouldn’t budge.I hired Foldenauer Law Group to seek compensation. Sean Foldenauer help was outstanding. His vast knowledge of the law, a tough negotiator at mediation got me a great settlement.
Sean is patient, a good listener an will fight for you to the end.
I highly recommend Sean and his great staff Dan and Anissa.

Lou A.

 Excellent service Very professional More transparency Very good communication with customers

Derrick Andrews

I was recently referred to them from a good friend and when I spoke to them about my case, they were very polite, professional and their customer service was amazing. I highly recommend this firm for everyone who is in need of their services.

Bridget F

Sean and his team are caring and competent. I won’t trust anyone else to handle my case.

Jessica Nguyen (#TrustedRealtor HomeSmart)
Former Client

I had a great experience with the Foldenauer Law Group, and would definitely recommend! I was hit by a car, and Sean and his team helped me navigate through the lengthy process of litigation which led to me getting the maximum amount of compensation on my claim. I’m very thankful for this law firm.

Corbin Stephens
Former Client

 I can begin by not saying enough amazing things about my experience with Sean Foldenauer Law Group! Not only did they take good care of me as a client during a very rough, and painful personal injury case, but I always felt cared about, respected and genuinely in every way my best interests always came first! They never failed to walk me through everything and carefully explain every detail of my case. I always felt they had my back and that really eased my mind at that difficult time! They worked non stop and diligently towards the successful outcome on my behalf and to me the entire staff are angels, especially Sean himself as he is quite tenacious when it comes to the best outcome for his clients! I could go on and on about their outstanding professional and personal demeanor as well as just an over all feeling of security in knowledge that I was in the best of hands as this was my first experience ever with a lawyer! Above and Beyond best describes them! I wish I could share my journey in every detail! I Highly recommend Foldenauer Law Group, especially if you’ve never had to go through any legal situation! They make it painless and much easier and will fight for you the whole way through! Thank you Sean and Associates for All you did on my behalf for a successful outcome!

Teresa Brown
Former Client

Mr. Foldenauer did an amazing job with my case he was constantly communicating with me he was very patient and understanding through out my case and would follow up after every doctors appointment he never pushed me to make a quick decision he would always tell me to think it over and then respond I recommend Mr. Foldernauer 100 percent.

Elva Tamayo
Former Client

you've hit the JACKPOT!

If you’re shopping around for a lawyer… you’ve just hit GOLD! In all seriousness, Foldenauer law is by far the best. No matter the circumstance, rest assured Sean and Dan will exceed your expectations and handle any case with exceptional care. They truly are EXPERTS in what they do. Throughout the whole process, I had direct open communication with Sean and/or Dan whenever I had any questions or anything. I could write a novel about the positive experience I’ve had working close with Foldenauer Law for two years… But to keep it short, THEY REALLY CARE. Foldenauer law is extremely trustworthy, reliable, compassionate, efficient, and full of integrity. I mean every word of that full heartedly ! I am forever grateful for Sean, Dan, and the rest of the firm. 1000000/10.
I will use this law firm every time, instantly, if I ever need legal representation in the future, and you should too!


Foldenauer Law Group is the Best!

I suffered a personal injury and hired Foldenauer Law Group. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Sean, his staff, Dan and Anissa were awesome. Sean’s knowledge of case laws, superb tough negotiator will fight tirelessly for you. I received a very good settlement from a not so friendly insurance company.
I highly recommend Foldenauer Law Group!!

Christopher C.
Former Client

Looking for a Top Attorney in San Diego?

Foldenauer Law Group provides exceptional support during difficult times including when rear-ended, in a contract dispute, or while looking for an attorney to help you with your issue. It’s wonderful to know that they demonstrate empathy, compassion, and professionalism throughout the legal process. I recommend Foldenauer Law Group to everyone when they ask me who to go to in San Diego.

Jazmin A.

I got an amazing settlement for my rear-end accident

When I got into my car accident I called a lawyer I know who referred me to Sean Foldenauer. While recovering from my rear-end auto accident Sean got me all the therapy I needed for my injury and he was able to get me a great settlement with the insurance company. I highly recommend Foldenauer Law Group for your legal needs.

Former Client

Real people with a love of practicing law

After a bad experience with a local, San Diego law firm, we literally interviewed 25 other law firms/attorneys as we were scared to repeat the same mistake we made the first time. Met with Dan and Sean Foldenauer, they were the only law firm out of all 25 that pointed out the legal mistakes made by our former law firm, and the overall weakness in our case that needed to be addressed. This was during a “free consult”. I was blown away as no other attorney would hand that over, and the other firms were vanilla with what their approach would be on our case. What was even more disturbing we found out during our initial interview of Foldenauer Law was our company wasn’t represented as I was sued personally as well as my business. The prior firm failed to respond on representation for my company. No other lawyer/firm told us this! The lawsuits we were involved with, were emotionally charged for us, and very scary. What was comforting was that Dan and Sean always took my calls, always called back with updates. They worked really hard to turn around the former mistakes made by the other firm, and put together a strong strategy moving forward. They never missed a deadline and always were on top of everything! This has to be the only firm I’ve worked with that truly is into law as a love of practicing law, vs. charging gigantic retainers, etc. They are real people, who I highly regard and can call my “friends” as they kept their cool and helped hold me up during one of the most difficult points in my life. For that, I am eternally grateful and not only recommend them, but you would be doing a disservice to yourself to not have them as your legal team. Even the numerous external people, such as court reporters, told me in private, they are the best legal team in San Diego! That says a tremendous amount! Thank you Foldenauer Law (Dan, Sean & Tyler) for all the work you did.
Julie W.
Former Client

Honest, hardworking, professional attorney with great results.

I was introduced to Sean Foldenauer about 10 years ago and when I needed an attorney for my company issues, I retained Sean. It was the best thing I ever did to protect me and my company. Since I’ve known Sean, I have been confident knowing that if any legal issues would arise, there was no need to be stressed and worried. It has also been a comfort knowing that at any time, I could give him a call for his advice before making the wrong decision.

Sean isn’t the typical attorney who takes notes, tells you how good he is and what he would do… only to forget the details later on… Sean listens to you, takes your information and utilizes it to give you the best defense needed. He has also been there for me for personal legal issues and has always done an excellent job protecting my interest. If you are looking for an honest, hardworking professional attorney with great results, Sean Foldenauer is that attorney. Thank you Sean and your associates too.

Tom M
Former Client

Smart, courteous, communicative, and helpful.

Thank you Sean and Tyler for doing such an outstanding job on my car accident case. From when I first called, till the time of the settlement…Tyler and Sean were very communicative…explaining just what to expect along the way and helping me to get the best in medical care for my injuries. In addition, they did an amazing job working with the other insurance company and I got a settlement in my case much faster than I thought possible.

Further, my portion of the settlement was more than fair. I know I could not have done this on my own. One, I was too hurt to try and work out for myself. And two, their knowledge and experience were invaluable; it really came out in the ways they conducted the process and then reached such a quick and fair settlement.

So again, if you would like to be represented by a group that is smart, courteous, communicative and helpful…then I would give my highest recommendation to making use of the Foldenauer Law Group. I would not hesitate to make use of their services again… though would much prefer that it did not require me being in another auto accident.

Michael N.
Former Client

Extremely dedicated to clients and knowledgeable in his area of expertise.

I began working with Mr. Foldenauer and his associates about seven months ago. I immediately felt comfortable in Sean’s presence and confidence in his practice. He is extremely dedicated to his clients and knowledgeable in his area of expertise. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and I feel grateful for the time Sean and his staff invested on my behalf. Sean consistently gave me options and had me make all pivotal decisions on my case. He was always available to consult with me throughout the entire process. I would absolutely recommend Sean to anyone seeking assistance on civil matters.
Lauren W.
Former Client

Professional, fair, and competent.

Very impressed with the team at Foldenauer Law Group. Sean and Tyler took very good care of us. Professional, fair and competent. We recommend them highly!
Former Client

Extremely detail-oriented.

They are known for being tough and getting results. Sean Foldenauer and Tyler Campbell got me a great settlement without having to go to court. They are extremely detail oriented. Then they make a demand package for the insurance co. and negotiate until they have a top offer. The thing is that if the insurance co. is not being fair in negotiating a settlement, these attorneys will not hesitate to file a lawsuit and take the case to a jury trial. I also noticed that they were very good at explaining the entire process and keeping me in the loop. I highly recommend these attorneys to anyone in need of legal services!
Cali K.
Former Client

Well-prepared, very educated on the case at hand, [...]and a good result.

Mr. Foldenauer and his staff were very good with my case. They were well prepared, very educated on the case at hand, kept me very informed, and best of all, we had a very good result at the end so I would highly recommend Foldenauer law group to anybody that wants extremely satisfying results.
Michael K.
Former Client

He has kept me well-informed, feeling safe, confident, and at ease through every step along the way.

Sean Foldenauer has been my attorney for the past 2 years in an ongoing legal battle to recover an unpaid debt. My case started in the criminal courts, where I was the victim of a domestic violence assault and battery incident.

The perpetrator ended up doing some jail time and work furlough, however that did not resolve an unpaid loan that he had borrowed from me prior to the attack. Obviously it was terrifying for me to have anything to do with this man ever again, but until the loan was repaid I didn’t feel as though justice had fully been served.

That’s when I hired Mr. Foldenauer to handle the civil lawsuit against him. He came highly recommended by a friend who is a defense attorney. Since establishing the civil lawsuit, Mr. Foldenauer has become my guardian angel, protector, and tireless defender through this ongoing legal process. He has kept me well-informed, feeling safe, confident, and at ease through every step along the way.

His passion for justice is his driving force and although the battle is not yet over against the defendant in my case, I have complete confidence that we will achieve full justice in time. I am very grateful for the countless hours that Mr. Foldenauer has spent strategizing on my case, and all of Foldenauer Law Group staff’s continued support and assistance as well.

Everyone has been very kind and attentive to my needs. I am completely happy with my choice in civil attorneys and I have referred Mr. Foldenauer to a handful of friends already, to handle various civil proceedings.

Former Client

The most innovative tactics I’ve ever heard of.

The Foldenauer Law Group helped me through a difficult situation where someone was threatening to sue me. Sean and his team got out in front of the situation right away and immediately started negotiating with the other party. Behind the scenes they were working on some of the most innovative tactics I’ve ever heard of if negotiations failed. Some of the ideas they came up with were mind-blowing. Ultimately, it was resolved in short order thanks to the Foldenauer Law Group’s skill but I could not be more impressed with the knowledge and tenacity of Sean and his team. Truly an excellent experience in a difficult time.
Former Client

I know I can trust Sean.

Sean and his firm are on the top of my referral list if I or any of my associates encounter any type of conflict. Many times, because we are involved in transactional work as well as litigation, a matter where we have negotiated the agreements etc. will have a dispute arising therefrom. Having also partnered with Sean, I know he has the ‘bulldog tenacity’ that it takes to prevail in all different forms of litigation.

I have brought him into the fold on several multimillion dollar disputes either as a co-partner on the case and or as a conflict referral because we were counsel for one side or the other in the underlying transaction. Further, while there are other attorneys in San Diego who, no doubt, have many of these same characteristics, I know that I can trust Sean to not bury my referral in extraordinary fees and costs, and this is something that many attorneys simply don’t keep under control. He has my highest recommendation.

Steven W.
Business Attorney

Tenacious, passionate, an eloquent advocate in the courtroom.

I have known Sean since we went to law school together over 17 years ago and have followed his career over the years. He is tenacious, passionate, and perhaps one of the most eloquent advocates I have seen in a courtroom setting. I had the pleasure of working with him recently on a complex business matter that culminated in a 3 week jury trial. We won with a 12-0 verdict on every count. Sean is a credit to our profession and I am happy to endorse him.
Jill R.
Senior Litigation and Trial Attorney

Invaluable for this clients.

I highly recommend Mr. Foldenauer for any litigation issues. He has been a highly respected and authoritative attorney for many years. His experience in complex litigation is invaluable for his clients. He is also one of the best DUI attorneys in San Diego. He is a member of the National College of DUI defense and has helped countless clients successfully defend their DUI Cases. I highly recommend this lawyer for ANY type of litigation case.
Matthew S.
Criminal Defense Attorney

Wisdom and courtroom skills to be trusted.

Sean Foldenauer is an excellent trial attorney whose expertise with complex business disputes and tort claims yields extraordinary results. For those matters incapable of settlement and involving “bet the company” levels of exposure, Foldenauer has the wisdom and courtroom skills to be trusted to present the best possible case for his clients.
Sean G.
Litigation and Trial Attorney

Great advice and perspective.

Sean is a trusted friend and colleague. He is well respected in the San Diego and Los Angeles legal communities. Sean is known as a trial lawyer and is well accomplished in and outside of the courtroom. I highly recommend Sean for your legal disputes. His experiences in legally and non-legally related businesses provide for great advice and perspective. Sean’s staff and associate attorneys are well trained and rising stars. I would not hesitate to hire the Foldenauer Firm today.
Jeremy E.
Sports and Entertainment Lawyer

Excellent strategist and problem solver.

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Mr. Sean Foldenauer in a highly-contested business litigation case filed in United States District Court. Mr. Foldenauer is the co-lead trial attorney on the case and has shown himself to be an excellent strategist and problem solver. He is sharp and articulate. He can explain very complex legal issues in plain language to make the client fully understand. His approach for taking time to explain to the client the status of the case and the law and provide advice on the best path forward is of tremendous value to clients. I highly endorse this attorney.
Wenzhao W.
Immigration Attorney

They get the job done.

Sean is a tireless advocate for his clients. He and his firm do things the right way to maximize results and keep the costs down. There is not a more effective or talented firm in all of San Diego. They know their stuff and they get the job done. The Foldenauer Law Firm is where I refer anyone in need of the best.
Christopher S.
DUI Attorney